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March 2023 Update

New zone open for applications!

We are now taking applications from the areas south of Big Long Lake! Because this zone is bigger than some others, we broke it down into five subzones. Residents in the first subzone have received an email with a link to the application. If you haven’t gotten the email about submitting an application and you are in our Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake, McClish Lake zone, we will be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks! Be watching your email for the link to submit your broadband application soon!

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February 2023 Update

Installations continue!

Installations have steadily continued over the past several months.

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Progress Continues!

We continue to make progress in all stages of our fiber project.

As you may know by now, there are several stages for connecting to broadband; from pre-registration, collecting the actual application, all the way to in-home installation. Please know we are just as excited as you to get you connected! As we rely on several contractors to assist us in this massive endeavor; they each require a large backlog of guaranteed work to bring their crews onsite. In order to create that backlog for the contractors, we are often requesting information from you at each of these stages – then waiting on the contractors to complete that work for you, before we can move on to the next stage. Please understand there could be many weeks or even a couple of months in between each of the steps below, as we work through this large buildout across the county.

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December 2022 Update

In-home installations are under way!

We are now connecting homes in LaGrange North, SR 9 North and LaGrange East zones.


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November 2022 Update

New look, more information!

Our service area page has a brand new look. Instead of calling to ask about the status of your zone, you can now see exactly what stage your zone is in. The zones are now clearly outlined in corresponding colors to status. The status could be any of the following:

  • Pre-registration
  • Collecting applications
  • Site surveys
  • Drop construction
  • In-home installations
  • In service

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October 2022 Update

Making construction progress

We’re happy to announce that construction efforts are finally making progress. We have released another zone, Pigeon Lake. This area is now open for site surveys and applications. If you are in this zone, please check your email for an application. Reminder, you will be contacted by Vantage Point for the site survey.

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August 2022 Update

More good news!

Another zone is open!

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July 2022 Update

We've reached the next phase of our broadband build out!


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June 2022 Update

We are now collecting applications for service in these 4 zones: LaGrange North, State Road 9 North, LaGrange East and Howe.



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May 2022 Update

The entire fiber backbone is complete!

Our crews didn’t let up and we are proud to announce that our fiber backbone is complete. Both the west and east rings are built out. This means our network is fully redundant. We have backup fiber cables to ensure reliability for your broadband service.

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April 2022 Update

Construction going strong!