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September 2023 Update

New zones open for applications!
We are now taking applications from the areas west of LaGrange, the Brighton/ Mongo area and some areas around Shipshewana! We've also just opened up a section of the Atwood, Witmer, Westler Lakes, Adams Lake, Woodruff zone. Because this zone is bigger than some others, we broke it down into three subzones. Residents in the first subzone have received an email with a link to the application. If you haven’t gotten the email about submitting an application and you are in this zone, we will be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks! Be watching your email for the link to submit your broadband application soon!

We have been connecting more than 80 fiber customers each week for the last couple of months. So if your application has been submitted, you've had your site survey (if requested) and made your first month's prepayment, you should be contacted soon to set up your in-home installation!

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