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Service Areas

Pre-Registration Zones: Gathering Interest

Hover over your location on the map to see which zone you are in. Follow the progress of your zone below. Pre-registrations help determine our construction plans.

Atwood, Witmer, Westler Lakes, West Adams Lake, Woodruff

30% Pre-Registered

Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake, Lake of the Woods, McClish Lake

51% Pre-Registered

Brighton, Wall Lake, Mongo

29% Pre-Registered

Cedar Lake, Pretty Prairie, Fawn River Crossing

30% Pre-Registered

East Twin Lakes, Twin Mills, Still Lake

53% Pre-Registered


52% Pre-Registered

Fish & Royer Lakes, Plato

43% Pre-Registered

Honeyville, Millersburg, Topeka West

35% Pre-Registered


15% Pre-Registered

LaGrange Old 9, Ontario

37% Pre-Registered

Lagrange East

28% Pre-Registered

Lagrange North

56% Pre-Registered

Lagrange West

24% Pre-Registered

Messick, Hackenburg, Dallas North

44% Pre-Registered

Oliver Lake, Valentine

39% Pre-Registered

Prairie Heights, Stroh, Turkey Lakes

39% Pre-Registered

Scott, West Twin Lakes, Pigeon Lake

25% Pre-Registered

Shipshewana North

22% Pre-Registered

Shipshewana South

8% Pre-Registered

South Milford, East Adams Lake, Blackman Lake

24% Pre-Registered

State Road 9 North

27% Pre-Registered

Topeka East

25% Pre-Registered


0% Pre-Registered