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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaGrange County REMC Broadband?

LaGrange County REMC Broadband is a broadband internet service built with fiber. Building the service with fiber will bring the highest available internet speeds for a competitive price to our communities. We are very excited about how this can transform where we live, work and go to school!

What is fiber internet anyway, and why is it better?

A fiber connection gets its name from the small glass fibers used to transmit data. Information can be transmitted through these glass fibers as pulses of light and are capable of carrying large amounts of data much faster than other internet technology. Fiber offers the most secure, dependable and fastest upload and download speeds available now and in the future!

When will fiber service be available?

Engineering and preparation for LaGrange County REMC Broadband has begun. In late July 2021, we started backbone construction. The summer of 2022, we were able to start site surveys and drop construction. Service installations will begin in the fall of 2022. Registrations have helped determine our construction plans. Be sure to register your address and encourage your neighbors to register at

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We are bringing world-class, fiber internet to all LaGrange County REMC communities!

What steps will take place during construction?


This is a major step in bringing fiber to your area. We will first build the main fiber backbone rings, connecting our network infrastructure. There will be a ring on the west and east sides of the county. This is the backbone for the next step, our fiber distribution service.


It is just like a roadway system. Each neighbor feeds back into the core fiber connection and out to the world. These distribution cables will branch off the backbone and go down every road of our service area in order to bring you the highest speed, fiber optic broadband.

Who’s been working in the right-of-way?

Don’t worry – seeing different colored paint and flags in the right-of-way is a good thing. That means the process has started with the utility companies and they have marked their lines of service that run down your road. This helps ensure when we start digging for our fiber lines, we will not hit or cut off any utilities to your home.


After the fiber has been placed along the road, our crews will bring a fiber drop from the main distribution cable to your home. Fiber is sometimes buried and at other times is strung on poles overhead. In advance, our crews will meet with you to discuss the route we have planned for your fiber drop. If buried, our crews will plow a small trench from the edge of your lawn to your home, burying the fiber cable as we go. You should see little disturbance to your yard.


This is the final step in the construction process. LaGrange County REMC Broadband technicians will make an appointment to install the fiber connection inside your home. This includes installing the cable from the outdoor box (NID) to your fiber modem (ONT). The Ethernet cable of your ONT will then be connected to your new GigaBlast Wi-Fi 6 router. We will test the gateway device, set up your router, verify the network connectivity and help you install our Command IQ App. 

What residential services will be offered, and what is the monthly cost?

  • SparkGig (1000Mbps) for $99.95*
  • Spark500 (500Mbps) for $79.95*
  • Spark100 (100Mbps) for $59.95*
  • SparkVOIP telephone service for $49.95*
  • SparkVOIP+ multi-User telephone service for $79.95*(ideal for a shared phone booth)
A $25 discount will be applied each month if telephone is bundled with broadband internet service.

Included with your LaGrange County REMC Broadband is our new managed Wi-Fi service with the newest technology, Wi-Fi 6! This service allows you to control your home Wi-Fi network and ensures wall-to-wall coverage in your home. Our Wi-Fi management system means you will receive the best customer service and technical support from day one. You already trust LaGrange County REMC as your energy source. We want to be your trusted broadband provider, too.

*Taxes and fees are NOT included in the monthly cost and will be shown clearly on the customer bills. Modems and Wi-Fi routers ARE included in the cost of the service. SparkVOIP telephone service includes 1 phone line and voice mailbox. There are no contracts for these services and no installation fees during the initial construction period. SparkVOIP+ multi-user telephone service includes 1 phone line, auto attendant, and 3 voice mailboxes.

What business services will be offered, and what is the monthly cost?

  • SparkGig Biz (1000Mbps) for $359.95*

  • Spark500 Biz (500Mbps) for $239.95*
  • Spark100 Biz (100Mbps) for $119.95*
  • SparkBizVOIP business telephone service for $59.95*(custom quotes are available for add ons)
A $25 discount will be applied each month if telephone is bundled with broadband internet service.

Included with business broadband:

  • Priority Service Response
  • Modem and Managed Wi-Fi 6 Router
  • (1) Wi-Fi Mesh Extender
  • (1) Static IP Address
  • Managed Remote Network Visibility
  • Command IQ App
  • Network Protection
  • User Access Controls
With Wi-Fi 6, the newest technology, you will be able to control your business Wi-Fi network with remote visibility. Our new Wi-Fi management system will ensure the best customer service and technical support will be at your fingertips from day one. Priority service ensures that in the event of an outage or service issue, your business will receive special attention. LaGrange County REMC has powered businesses for 85 years. Now, we are ready to connect your business to the fastest fiber broadband available in LaGrange County communities.

*Taxes and fees are NOT included in the monthly cost and will be shown clearly on the customer bills. SparkBizVOIP business telephone service includes 1 enterprise hosted phone line and 1 voicemailbox. Custom quotes are available for SparkBizVOIP add-ons.

How will this affect my electric bill?

LaGrange County REMC members will conveniently receive their broadband services added to their monthly electric bill. However, if you are currently receiving a paper bill, you will automatically be converted to e-bill. Non-members receiving stand-alone broadband services, will also receive their monthly bill via email.

How can I sign up?

Sign up for service at today!  Once you have signed up and your location is ready, a representative will contact you to schedule your fiber broadband installation. 

How do I find out if fiber is coming to my area?

Visit the “Service Areas” tab to view the build zones and to verify your service address is in our initial build zone.