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July 2023 Update

It’s finally happened: we’ve reached 1,000 broadband connections. After almost three years of planning and building on our part, 1,000 customers are now able to access high-speed internet in their homes and businesses via their Lagrange County REMC Broadband service. And with the benefits these connections bring, this number is sure to rise — and quickly.

Mark and Emily James of Wolcottville were the 1,000th connection. They have two daughters and operate a veterinarian business from their 6th generation farm in Wolcottville.

"We're really excited to get broadband," Emily said. "It will make our lives so much easier. Our kids need it for school and we obviously need it for the business. We won't have to drive to Kendallville to run our QuickBooks program. It will be lifestyle changing."

LaGrange County REMC CEO Mark Leu noted, "That is the exact reason why we started this project, to bring high speed internet to our rural communities, not just to make life a little easier, but because it’s now a necessity."

We are now accepting applications from our Brighton, Wall Lake, Mongo zone!

Thank you for your continued support as we celebrate this milestone. We're looking forward to celebrating our 2,000th install in a couple months!

Photo caption:

LaGrange County REMC CEO Mark Leu, left and Fiber Operations Supervisor Tim Radcliff, right, stand with Mark and Emily James, REMC’s 1,000th fiber installation at their farm on Friday, July 28.

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