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Progress Continues!

We continue to make progress in all stages of our fiber project.

As you may know by now, there are several stages for connecting to broadband; from pre-registration, collecting the actual application, all the way to in-home installation. Please know we are just as excited as you to get you connected! As we rely on several contractors to assist us in this massive endeavor; they each require a large backlog of guaranteed work to bring their crews onsite. In order to create that backlog for the contractors, we are often requesting information from you at each of these stages – then waiting on the contractors to complete that work for you, before we can move on to the next stage. Please understand there could be many weeks or even a couple of months in between each of the steps below, as we work through this large buildout across the county.

We all want to know an exact timeframe. Unfortunately, we do not have a great answer for various reasons; contractor schedules, backlog quantities, available crews, weather, etc. The only timeframe we know for sure, is when we call you to schedule your in-home installation – it’s time to get really excited! Because that means our technician will be coming to connect your service!

We have completed numerous in-home installations for residential customers in the following zones:

LaGrange North

State Road 9 North

LaGrange East


Drop construction is now active in:

East Twin Lakes, Twin Mills and Still Lake.

And we’re conducting site surveys in:

LaGrange Old 9, Ontario

Scott, West Twin Lakes, Pigeon Lake

Fish & Royer Lakes, Plato

At this time, we project the next two zones will be:

Cedar Lake, Pretty Prairie, Fawn River Crossing

Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake, McClish Lake

If you have pre-registered in these zones, we will email you as soon as they open – to receive your application for service. 

To check the status of your zone at any time, please check the Service Areas tab of our website.

We look forward to connecting your home to Spark-fast internet!


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