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July 2022 Update

We've reached the next phase of our broadband build out!

During the month of July, we have been collecting broadband service applications in the LaGrange North zone and Vantage Point has been conducting site surveys. This involves meeting with the homeowner to discuss where the drop construction will be located. Beginning next week, the drop construction crews will be stringing fiber from the road to these homes in LaGrange North. In early September, in-home installations for that zone will begin!
These three phases will then move into the next zones, as we progress around the county. After a few months of fine tuning the process, we will have a better grasp on the construction schedule, and be able to give more definitive answers to the question, "When are you coming to my zone?" Every day brings us closer to installing Spark-fast fiber in your home. Stay tuned for more fiber updates!

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