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October 2022 Update

Making construction progress

We’re happy to announce that construction efforts are finally making progress. We have released another zone, Pigeon Lake. This area is now open for site surveys and applications. If you are in this zone, please check your email for an application. Reminder, you will be contacted by Vantage Point for the site survey.

Even though we have dealt with numerous delays, site surveys have begun in these zones:

  • East Twin Lakes
  • Twin Mills
  • Still Lake

If your site survey has been completed, your first month’s pre-payment must be submitted before drop construction will be scheduled.

Drop construction and in-home installations will increase in these current zones:

  • LaGrange North
  • State Road 9 North
  • LaGrange East
  • Howe

As a reminder, our partner Berry It will complete the drop construction - taking the fiber cable to your home. Please note, it may be several weeks after your site survey is completed before drop construction begins. And, it may be several weeks after the drop construction is completed that the in-home installations begin. Our hope is to ramp up all phases in November.

Follow our progress on our website, in the Indiana Connection magazine and on social media. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to pre-register for service. Pre-registrations help determine our construction plans. We thank you for your support and patience, and hope to be coming to your neighborhood soon!


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