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March 2023 Update

New zone open for applications!

We are now taking applications from the areas south of Big Long Lake! Because this zone is bigger than some others, we broke it down into five subzones. Residents in the first subzone have received an email with a link to the application. If you haven’t gotten the email about submitting an application and you are in our Big Long Lake, Pretty Lake, McClish Lake zone, we will be in touch with you in the next couple of weeks! Be watching your email for the link to submit your broadband application soon!

If you were in one of our first zones to get connected (view the map), time is running out to submit your application! Our crews will be moving out of these areas soon, so don’t miss your chance to get connected.

We are excited to be ramping up connects this spring and summer! How can you help?

1. Promptly fill out the application when you receive the email with the application link.

2. Make your prepayment.

3. Remain patient!

We are eager to get you all connected and want to remind you that it can be several weeks or months after you submit the application to have fiber-optic broadband installed.

Cedar Lake, Pretty Prairie, Fawn River Crossing zone, you’re up next!

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