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March 2022 Update

The west backbone loop is complete! This is the first of two loops, circling each side of Lagrange County, that will be the core of our fiber network and the connection point for all of the fiber distribution lines we will build as a web through our communities. The construction of the distribution lines has also started in several zones around LaGrange and Howe. In the next few months, you will see more crews working in other areas around the county as well.

After the distribution construction is complete in a service area, we will start drop construction. Drop construction includes running the fiber to the outside of your home. When we begin drop construction in your zone, LaGrange County REMC Broadband employees will be reaching out to you to schedule a time to discuss where the drop will be located.

The final step will be scheduling the in-home installation of our fiber equipment, which usually occurs a few days after the drop construction.

Every day brings us closer to installing Spark-fast fiber in your home! Stay tuned for more fiber updates.

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